Live Creative

What We Do

Our team of specialists are skilled across a range of services, from graphic design and print media, through to web design, electronic communications and online marketing technologies.

Live Creative also works closely with other industry professionals and has relationships with accomplished veterans of the advertising and marketing world. Please review our services offering and contact us if we can help your business in any way.

Graphic Design

We specialise in all areas of graphic design including print, branding, business identity, advertisements, web design and online media.


We offer a full range of printing services at competitive prices and cover all aspects of design and print media. We aim for a quality print job with a fast turnaround and minimum fuss, with your print material being delivered direct to you.

Web Services

The psychology of the internet is vastly different from any other marketing medium. Regardless of how good it looks, your website must have a strategy behind it. We design websites from the outset with search engine performance in mind to drive more customers to your door. It is the perfect vehicle to externalise your costs in sales and marketing as well as customer acquisition and support. We provide a complete end-to-end service which includes: Design, Copy Writing, Packaging up of Key Services, Associated Imagery.


An Electronic Direct Mail campaign or EDM is often the most inexpensive and effective method of reaching a database of customers or prospects with a targeted message. Our EDM’s consistently achieve high open rates because they are simple effective communications that contain a compelling Call To Action that requires a response by the recipient. Live Creative can handle your email marketing needs from end-to-end, covering the design, copywriting and HTML coding of the email, management of the database and campaign dissemination followed by analytical reporting.

e-Invite EDMs + Online RSVP Management

An e-Invite EDM combined with Online RSVP Management is the simplest way to promote an upcoming event and capture event registrations. The e-Invite EDM is usually accompanied by a customised landing page containing an event registration form to which invitees are directed to register. The event registrations are periodically provided back to the client up until the time of the event.


Regular e-Newsletters are an effective way of staying in touch with your customers and are essential in staying ‘front of mind’ with your prospects. Our e-Newsletter service covers liaising with the client to decide newsletter content and direction, design and development of an HTML e-newsletter, copywriting, campaign management and dissemination, including detailed AIM reporting.

e-Surveys + Data Collection

An EDM to invite participation in an Online Survey or Data Collection program can be a rewarding exercise to undertake with valuable feedback and updated information being harvested for your database. The Survey and Data Collection service covers liaising with the client regarding survey objective and content, design and preparation of e-Survey or data collection page, EDM to list inviting e-Survey participation, survey management, AIM reporting and provision of survey results to client.